According to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter: GDPR), Miskolc Holding Zrt. (hereinafter: Company or Controller) inform you in this privacy policy and process description about every aspect of the management of your personal data. By participating in the process, you as the concerned individual get involved in the management of data based on this process description.

Name and contact information of the Controller:

Name of the Controller: Miskolc Holding Zrt.
Tax number: 13778749-2-05
Company registration number: 05-10-000406
Headquarter: 3530 Miskolc, Petőfi utca 1-3.
Head of the Directorate: István Varga
CEO: Zoltán Dukai
Email of the representative of the Controller:
Privacy policy representative of the Controller: L Tender-Consulting Kft.
Contact information:


Description of the data management process:

Personal data is not necessary to access public information displayed The following data are recorded automatically about the visitors of the website by the Controller: type of the browser, date of the visit, URL of the visited website, characteristics of the operating system of the device used for browsing (e.g., type, language), URL of the previously visited website.

These data are used only for the analysis of the website and to check the safety of the website’s operation.

By entering, the website can automatically save information about your computer as well as about your device used for browsing (tablet, smart phone etc.) and place so-called cookies and other similar programmes on your device if the browser used by you allows it and especially if you approved it during the first visit or later.

Cookie is such a file that is placed on the computer or other device used for browsing when the visitor visits a website. Cookies save information about the usage of the website. Cookies have several functions, including the collection of information, remembering user settings, giving the opportunity for the owner of the website to get to know user customs, and increasing the user experience. Cookies – used on the website – do not store information adequate for the identification of the individual. You can prohibit the storage of cookies in the browser.

Some cookies are necessary for the operation of the website, while others are used for the enhancement of the performance and the user experience.

Necessary cookies: Some cookies are necessary for you to navigate between the webpages and to access some protected contents.

Session cookies: These cookies are temporary ones that memorise your activity only for that period while you are on the website, and they expire when the website is closed.

Persistent cookies: They memorise your settings of the website, and they stay on your computer or phone even after you close the browser or restart the device. We use these cookies for the analysis of the user’s activity to establish visitor patterns for the improvement of the functionality of our website for you or other visitors. These cookies make it possible for us to display targeted advertisements for you, and to measure the efficiency of the functions and advertisements of our website.

Statistics cookies: Our colleagues as well as service providers use analytical tools too with which we can measure how popular the content of the website is, what interests our visitors and how we can improve the operation of the website. With the help of statistics cookies, we inspect the number of visitors and the frequency of their visitation.

These data are used solely for statistics, and we do not identify the visitors by name.

We use Google Analytics for the improvement of user experience to get to know how our media campaigns work and how you use our website. Furthermore, we use the Hotjar service which analyses the behaviour and feedbacks of the user regarding the website through the combination of an analytical and a feedback tool. Hotjar provides a “comprehensive view” for the improvement of the end user experience and performance of the Hotjar-based website, which uses cookies for the collection of non-personal data, including common internet protocol data and end user behavioural patterns.

You can see which cookies are active in your computer, delete them one by one or block the cookies of one or every website with the help of most browsers. We inform you that if you block every cookie, then previous settings will be lost, i.e., the fact that you previously indicated that you do not allow cookies, because a kind of cookie is used for that as well. If you would like more information how you can block cookies with the modification of the settings of browsers, then visit and

You can reject or block every or some cookies downloaded when visiting a website. You can modify settings regarding the Controller or website of any external suppliers with the modification of the settings of the browser. Please, note that most browsers automatically accept cookies. Should you not want to allow cookies, then you must click on “No, thanks.” in the pop-up window. If you block cookies, then you will be able to visit our websites still, but some functions may not work properly.

Purpose of data management:

Identification of the website’s visitors, automatic data recording about entry and user customs with the help of cookies, the purpose of which is to make the Session possible and easier, to improve user experience, customization, and statistical data collection.

Legal basis of data management:

1. (a) of Article 6 of GDPR on consent.

Scope of managed data:

Type of the browser, date of visit, URL of the visited website, operating system of the device used for browsing (e.g., type, selected language), URL of the previously visited website.

Data are forwarded during data management to the following third parties based on legal basis:

Controller does not forward data to a third party but inform those concerned that personal data might be transferred to the court and authority if it is prescribed by statute. Should the court or authority oblige Controller to give out personal data then Controller – to fulfil their legal obligation – is obliged to give out data asked for by the court or authority.

Duration for the storage of personal data:

Until the declaration of invalidity by the concerned individual or – in lack thereof – until maximum 2 years.

Existence of automated decision-making:

Automated decision-making is carried out during data management.

Rules regarding the exercise of rights by the concerned individual:

Controller informs you that based on GDPR, you have the following options regarding exercise of rights:

  • ask for information about the management of your personal data,
  • ask for correction in your personal data,
  • revoke your contribution to data management,
  • ask for the erasure of your personal data if every condition is fulfilled as detailed in 1. of Article 17 of GDPR,
  • ask for limitation regarding the management of your personal data,
  • you can exercise your right to data portability – if every condition thereof is fulfilled,
  • you have the right to appeal.

Controller aims to give you such information that are as short, transparent, understandable, easily accessible, clear, and coherent as possible by also following the rules defined by GDPR.

Your request can be submitted, primarily, in written form addressed to the representative of the Controller via the contact information displayed in this privacy policy. The request is recorded by our colleague, and we inform you in connection with your request within maximum one month following the submission of the request. This deadline can be prolonged by maximum two months if the complexity of the request or the number of currently managed requests justify that, however, we inform you about this within one month following the reception of the request.

If we do not act on your request or if you do not accept our provision, then you can exercise your right to appeal, regarding which you can contact the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, or the court of judicature based on your permanent address or place of abode.

We inform you, however, that the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information accepts your appeal based on its practice, only, if you first contacted the Controller, i.e., – in this case – us, but we have not acted upon your request, or you have not accepted our provision. Due to this, we recommend you to contact the representative of the Controller first!