Miskolc and its surroundings are the second largest agglomeration of the country with ~ 360,000 people, of which ~ 72% are of working age and ~ 4.5% are registered jobseekers. Miskolc can therefore ensure the availability of the necessary workforce. According to the currently available statistics, compared to most regions of Hungary and the European Union, a relatively high proportion of free labor capacity is still available in Miskolc. The proportion of commuters in the region is high, more than 15,000 people living outside the city commute to Miskolc everyday thanks to the advanced public transport services. There is also a movement in the opposite direction, with about 8,000 qualified professionals commuting from Miskolc to other regions of the country, who, however, would be happy to take a job in their hometown if there were adequate local job opportunities.


Local wages are one of the most favorable in the country for the employer.

EU EUR 27 / hour
Hungary EUR 10 / hour
Miskolc EUR 7 / hour

The truly favorable labor market situation is being exploited by several partnerships that the city has entered into with various HR companies.

Recruitment companies
School cooperatives
Temporary employment agencies

Miskolc Holding is also able to select and mediate the appropriate workforce as a kind of non-monetary support for the settled companies. As a tool for this, the Paktum labor market program is available, which is a labor mediation, training and counseling organization funded by the European Union.