In 2009, the fDi magazine of the Financial Times announced the tender called “European Cities and Regions of the Future” again, the purpose of which is to identify and focus on the most attractive cities and regions based on development policy. Miskolc submitted its tender for the second time to the competition that is held every two years.
In 2010, Miskolc achieved – based on the decision of an independent jury – the 4th place in Central and Eastern Europe in the category of investment promotion among European cities and regions, and the city was awarded with the 4th place among “micro” cities (with a population less than 250 000) as well.
The significance of these awards is that Miskolc successfully participated in the competition of the fDi magazine of the Financial Times for the second time, which is considered a kind of compass by investors..
The research carried out by the staff of the Financial Times magazine was part of the decision-making beside the submitted tender documents of cities and regions. The jury made their decision regarding the cities and regions in the category of investment promotion based on the following aspects:

  • the most important initiatives and programmes for investment promotion,
  • introduction of the main sectors of the city with a focus on investment options,
  • grants proposed for investors and typical costs thereof,
  • significant infrastructure and urban development projects,
  • supportive, investor-friendly municipality, “one-stop-shop” administration.
In 2008, Miskolc was listed as the 16th most attractive European investment place among the 25 places proposed for investment by the Financial Times fDi Magazin. In 2010, Miskolc was listed even higher in the competition of the fDi Magazin.